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"I left Uvira because if a girl reaches a certain maturity there, she is married by force and the cows that the family receives in exchange for the dowry, pay the schooling of boys.

My mother was a Mama Shujaa (Hero Women) member, and she knew her rights as a woman.

Since my mom died in 2016, Mama Shujaa has become my advocate."

Dreams of education; of becoming doctors; of starting their own businesses; of changing the landscape of chaos and war in which they find themselves.

Our Hero Women are on the path to create change: for themselves, and for those around them.

Research in recent years has made crystal clear the positive effect of women's empowerment on their families and communities.

Just as important - when a women gains the ability to support herself and her children, and therefore, a voice in her family and community - she is able to fully realize her own potential, and work towards her own vision.

Since 2012, we have facilitated over 5,000 member visits to our Mama Shujaa (Hero Women) Media Center, training hundreds of women in computer literacy. The Center gives women access to a wider world, and a renewed possibility to tap into their dreams and ambitions.

With your support, women in eastern Congo are increasing their agency - both for their own sakes and for the sake of their families and communities.