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Treating the Virus of Oppression

With your investment, we can work to eradicate this deadly disease

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$21,000 goal

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Oppression of women is the disease; education is the remedy!

We are so proud and grateful. Thanks to YOUR generous support we have completed construction on four primary school classrooms in our revolutionary Girls' School in Itombwe, a remote region in eastern DRC.

As you know, when girls have access to schooling, not only do their lives dramatically change for the better, but so do the lives of their families and communities.

We in the Congo need all the wins we can get. This year's outbreaks of Ebola have been, and continue to be devastating. Thanks to major international cooperation, health care professionals now have more tools at their disposal to fight this terrible disease. Although much more needs to be done to take full advantage of these tools.

Ebola is a deadly biological virus, but there is a societal virus that is just as dangerous and deadly.

This invisible virus is the oppression of and violence against women.

It undercuts women's potential, thereby devastating people, animals, the earth – and our prospects for a lasting peace.

Like the dedicated healthcare providers tirelessly fighting Ebola, Congo's Hero Women are out in our communities, striving to eradicate the virus of oppression by training other women to become leaders. The road is long. Just as deadly diseases like Ebola can be contained and eventually cured, so too can we, together, target and reduce the marginalization and oppression of women.

Fortunately, we already know a lot about what works in the fight for women's rights and prosperity. Perhaps more than anything else, girls' education is key. Educated girls commonly go on to become leaders in their communities, reinvesting their success to help lift those around them.

With the $21,000 we are hoping to raise by March 1, we will be able to complete the construction of phase 1 of our Girls' School and enroll grades 1-6.

A new generation of leaders will begin their journey.

Will you invest in girls' education in Congo today?

Read more about the school here

Enjoy a video from Neema about the school, below: