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I want to empower women in the Congo!

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"I don't want to make a little noise...I want to change the paradigm." -Neema Namadamu

We are the Maman Shujaa, or Hero Women of Congo. We are grassroots advocates for Peace, for women's rights, rights for the disabled, community rights, rights for nature, and the right to a future for our children. We operate a number of programs but really, all that we do is about one thing; about lifting women, building women, elevating women's understanding, capacity, and ability to be the women they were created to be, for themselves, their families, and their communities.

We ask you to partner with us. Our programs are about creating vehicles for women to discover the gift that they are and the gifts that they embody; to enable them to develop and employ those gifts in such a way as to release those gifts, that they might then follow the path of destiny that their gift creates for them.